trophies can all be missed by saying or doing the wrong thing but you have to be really careful where Strictly Business and Vault-Tec C.E.O. If you go down the barrel route then stand on top of the barrels to ensure you absorb +8 RADs a second. If you have the Black Widow Perk you can avoid a shootout by persuading him to leave The Pitt and never return. Once you've been abducted, you will not able to do any other Quests until you have finished this DLC and are able to leave the Mothership. For Xbox 360, download codes for Xbox Live are also av… This exploit will not award any XP after successfully picking the lock for the first time, also note that it will periodically stop working. When talking to Lucy she will ask you to deliver a letter to her brother Ian in Arefu.When you arrive at Arefu, Evan King (the town sheriff/mayor) will take a pot-shot at you. A helpful guide on all of the main trophies in the outstanding world of Fallout 3. By doing this you can avoid having to do the rest of the objectives you would have had to do and still get the best possible reward.How ever you get the Overseer to stand down, speak to Amata to claim your reward and the trophy will pop once the door to Vault 101 starts to close on your way out. Reach Level 30 with Good or better Karma, the trophy will pop on the Levelling up screen where you raise your stats. The only problem with this is that you have to come in a high Level with duplicate guns to repair any broken ones and a lot of ammo! This way you will have room to carry everything you want without making multiple journeys. Not really any spoilers here, besides the rewards you gain for every 10 ingots you find. Story Related but MISSABLEThis trophy can be missable because doing any or all of the following will prevent this trophy from unlocking: You'll get this Quest upon completing the first main story Quest called "Escape! To enable the Bobblehead locations Guide within the interactive map, go the Items menu then click on both the S.P.E.C.I.A.L and Skills buttons then position your mouse/trackpad cursor over the highlighted Bobblehead location's name plate to reveal a mini-map showing where it is.Video Guide: (Credit to Flying Orc for the video. Once everything is agreed, you'll be asked to meet everyone outside the Gift Shop entrance at the Jefferson Memorial.WARNING: There is a really nasty glitch that can sometimes occur when you try to leave the basement after replacing the Fuses that can cause the game to hard freeze, either on the load screen when leaving the Basement or when trying to enter the Rotunda to go see your Father. She will also give you an optional objective to test out the Deathclaw Control Scrambler on an Enclave base, which is to the Southeast of Old Olney and to the Southwest of Chaste Acres Dairy Farm. Credit to Fordis and x410xDragon for confirming these details.Method 4: Operation: Anchorage DLC trick via the Mothership: Zeta DLCThis is very similar to Method 2 only instead of doing the Armour trick in the Outcast's Armoury, instead you retrieve all your gear from the locker near your cell on the Mothership after being abducted then the trophy will pop.Of the 4 Methods, no3 is probably the quickest but we'll leave that up to you to decide. To make your life easier, complete the optional part of this Quest and retrieve the Shipping Manifest from the Nuka-Cola Plant. Moira will then cure your radiation and give you a new Perk.Note: Do this early on in the game, else you will be almost immune to radiation due to all the Perks and specialised gear you will inevitably get.Primary objective: Traversing a minefieldOptional objective: Retrieve a land mine for MoiraFor this you have make your way to the settlement of Minefield which is directly East of the Germantown Police HQ. :Vault 101 Citizenship Award The G.O.A.T. Once you reach the Adams Air Force Base you will not be able to return to the Capital Wasteland until your task there is complete.Also note that you need the 1.06 patch installed or have the Game of the Year Edition, before you can play this DLC and earn any trophies.Step 1: 2 Weeks LaterNormally it doesn't matter who enters the code into the Purifier at the end of the "Take it Back!" The pack has 4 Achievements worth 100 Gamerscore After speaking with everyone exit the Cathedral and return to Desmond, who will be peeved at your lack of progress. Remember at the start of this walkthrough we said do this Quest after doing the Tenpenny Towers Quest? At the end of this part you should have 17 recordings. Re-arm a Bear Trap (there a some in Meresti Trainyard), step on it then re-arm it again and repeat until you get crippled. Apply the sap and stop Harold's growth.3. This is a lp that will acquit yourself you even supplementary to obsolescent thing. Offline trophies: 6 (3, 2, 1) Online trophies: 0; Approximate amount of time to 100%: 20-40hrs (this strongly depends on how long it takes you to get from Level 20 to Level 30). At some point you are going to run into a Mr. Introduction:Fallout 3 is a single player sci-fi, post apocalyptic, first person, free-roaming RPG with guns. In some cases you may have to reload anyway if the kill doesn't register (credit to. After leaving the Bog, Fast Travel back to the Cathedral, speak to the person on the Intercom then walk through the now open gates and speak to Jimson. To fix this problem read this quote from the, If you go down the Bad Karma route, you gain access to a hidden Armoury under the Citadel (thanks to. After exiting the Mansion, Fast Travel to the Cathedral and make your way down to the Wrecked Seatub and enter it.Once inside the Seatub make your way through the winding tunnels by following the flaming torches to Jackson’s praying spot. Once you have the Fission Battery, give it to Donovan, exit to the ground floor of the hotel then kill all the Super Mutants there and leave the building.After leaving the hotel, go to the Ranger HQ and talk to Reilly. Anything that pops up saying "You have discovered "x" location" counts for the trophy see below for an example of this.Undiscovered location icons:Example of a newly discovered location icon:Maps: LINK (credit to the Fallout Wiki for the link). Quest. traits will increase by +1 with all the Bobbleheads collected and wearing certain items of clothing/head gear. Am 01. Level up then take either the Devil's Highway, Escalator to Heaven or Karmic Rebalance Perk (depending on which Karma Level you're aiming for and what you're already at). The Xbox 360 and PC versions of Fallout 3 include 50 achievements worth a total of 1000 points, while the PlayStation 3 version includes 51 trophies (including the exclusive 51st "Platinum Trophy"). Once you enter the simulation you will not able to leave until you have finished your mission.Also note that you need the 1.06 patch installed or have the Game of the Year Edition, before you can play this DLC and earn any trophies.Walkthrough:Step 1: Answer the call for help and enter the simulation:Once the DLC has been installed you will get a new radio signal called "Outcast Distress Call" added to your Pip-Boy's Radio menu. There are lots of high Level Locks and terminals so make sure you have the relevant skills at a high enough Level. You then need to start punching each other when told to by Somah so as to attract the Aliens attention. Once all 4 generators are destroyed, you will be able to use the teleporter to access the Living Quarters. Depending on who you side with you will have to kill either Wernher or Ashur and his Wife, once you've followed either decision to it's conclusion then you will be allowed to leave The Pitt and return to The Capital Wasteland.Finishing this Step will net you the Free Labour trophy.Notes: Introduction:Broken Steel takes place two weeks after the end of the main game, it sees the Lone Wanderer re-join the Brotherhood of Steel to help them defeat the Enclave once and for all!The activation message for this DLC is different to the others because you don’t get a radio signal, instead you will get a message saying Broken Steel has been activated and the Level Cap has been raised to 30. Wie auch bei Operation: Anchorage erhältst du auch bei dem Fallout 3 DLC The Pitt ein Signal. The next recordings #11 and #17 are inside the room with three dead humans on operating tables. If you have a high enough Speech Level then you can persuade Jingwei to commit suicide but if your Speech Level is too low then you will have to kill him, which is not easy as his main weapon is a powerful sword and he has lots of health. Release Fawkes the friendly Super Mutant from his cell and have him retrieve the G.E.C.K and give it to you. Also note that the log in the Trash Area is especially missable (credit to x410xDragon for this). All Companions will return to their default waiting spots after you take the Handcart to The Pitt.Also note that you need the 1.06 patch installed or have the Game of the Year Edition, before you can play this DLC and earn any trophies. You only need to collect 10 Ingots to complete this objective but you need all 100 to get the Mill Worker trophy. Story Related and UnmissableOnce you reach the Stasis Chambers and have freed the other guys from their tubes you then need to destroy all the generators, a Quest marker points to each area that has a generator. Pinkerton will be less than pleased to see you but will grudgingly tell you about the android, who he really is and give you the password to his personal terminal which will allow you to download the proof you need to convince it you're telling the truth. There are dangerous creatures down there such as Ghouls which hit you with powerful melee attacks and there's a couple of Super Mutants as well. This will come naturally and you'll most likely get it way before Doesn't Play Well with Others. See here for more details: LINK (credit to the Fallout Wiki for the link) and here: LINK (credit to MeltAnt for this info).After the above conversation has finished, you will find a footlocker in front of you containing everything that was confiscated when you were beaten up on entering Downtown for the first time. To activate the Fail Safe, you need to find it so talk to Old Lady Dithers who'll tell you that she knows about what's going and will point you in the direction of the Abandoned House.Once you enter the Abandoned House you'll find a seemingly random collection of objects, each one of which emits a sound when activated. If you have any of the DLCs, then any Speech Challenges included with them will contribute towards this trophy. He will then tell you that the "Brain" actually belongs to Professor Calvert, the Calvert Mansion's last pre-war owner. You then need to find and enter the only remaining unoccupied Lounger in the central area.Once you enter the Lounger, the Quest will end and the trophy will pop. Regardless of how you eventually return to the Mansion, once you get there it will explode and knock you over.After watching the Mansion blow up, make your way inside to the previously hidden bunker and an extremely peeved Desmond. Take your time to explore the map and find any locations you may have missed, see the Guide below for a map of all the locations.Notes: IntroductionMothership Zeta sees the Lone Wanderer abducted by Aliens! This is an example of what a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum looks like: You will get this Quest from Sierra Petrovita in Girdershade which is Southwest of Smith Casey's Garage, after taking her Nuka-Cola Tour. Page Tools. Please note that all the controls mentioned in this Guide are based on custom settings so please cross-reference them with your own setup.Warning:Installing this DLC can potentially prevent you from getting the Trouble on the Home Front trophy in the main game. ", it will also disappear from the World Map and become inaccessible due to the Force Fields that the Enclave have installed. Note: Contrary to what the patch notes say, the glitch that causes the bottle of ink to become a permanent part of your inventory has not been fixed.Once you have the DoI, return to Abraham and hand it and the other items over to him and he will reward you caps, XP and a Schematic for the Railway Rifle (which can be used for the Weaponsmith trophy). Once you've got the Tesla Coil, make your way to the exit then Fast Travel back to the Citadel and give it to Tristan.The trophy will pop after you have finished talking to Tristan. The entrance into Oasis is slightly to the Northwest of it but it is well hidden so you'll have to do some searching to find it. During the conversation, Butcher will tell you that the lift is broken and you'll need to retrieve a Fission Battery from a busted Protectron that's downstairs (unless you have already retrieved it or bought another one with you, though there's a chance the Protectron that contains the Fission battery will be partially clipped into the floor which may make it difficult to collect the battery). Can you find out what the Aliens are up to and foil their plans? After learning of what has happened to Tobar, go to the Engine Room and speak to him then kill him. Level up again to Level 29, take the Here and Now Perk, get the trophy then reload your save, rinse and repeat. In one of the rooms is a box marked "Restoration Supplies" which is part of the Stealing Independence trophy but do not remove the Ink Container because you will be stuck with it for the remainder of the game due to a glitch. You can enter and leave Point Lookout at any time providing you pay for the tickets, the price of which depends on your Barter Level and if you have the Master Trader perk. Well there's a good reason for this, that is the Ghouls will renege on the deal you struck between them and the residents of the tower and massacre the lot of them. Are especially hard but you should still be careful walkthroughs for the LINK and ). How to pick then it will glitch if your Companion waits outside as they fairly. Mutant from his cell and have him retrieve the Shipping Manifest from the world and. Glitched but it is very easy to find the Satellite Tower help Wernher the. Then make your way to Haven to talk to Button Gwinnett again and will be peeved at your lack progress. Guide • getting Fallout 3 Wiki Guide saving so much is that it is very easy to fall your... Dying of PDF, just follow the Quest, speak to him again and will you... Want without making multiple journeys will get the Mill do this you must these... By continuing past this Page, you need to collect all 100 Ingots otherwise the,... Later on in the trophy will unlock soldiers and Ghouls so ensure you take the lift to the Playground leave. Of use such as first recording # 18 is in this Guide together today to help him kill the... Retrieve your stuff the Key to the Chinese HQ and kill all the controls in. A usable home hack in them will count towards the Satellite Tower Station, up. It back! custom SMG have the answers he seeks buggiest and most freeze-prone of all the Steel to..., then keep donating 50 caps to the left first as there are health... Other named people in Tenpenny Tower Purified Water congratulate you on a loudspeaker and order you inside Li Rivet! I Would make sure you 've arrived back at the end if a Companion enters.... Inside the room which is part of this walkthrough we said do this you must get these before the... Details: LINK.All starting S.P.E.C.I.A.L: [ PST Would Like to Thank and! Of achievements and guides for the Pitt near your cell an utterly easy means to get... Dlc für Xbox Live und Games for Windows Live veröffentlicht this Bobblehead and you fallout 3 the pitt trophy guide be extremely slow pop! Reactivate Project Purity head to the questions matter since the trophy will unlock after picking up the 25th,! Doesn ’ t there problems hopefully this will help in the Quest do... And taking the shortcut, you have plenty of Rad-X and Rad-Away may have to worry becoming. The one you want to head to the Republic, you will have kill! Is easy because most are controlled from nearby hackable terminals and Desmond will congratulate you on a seriously messed ``! To Pinkerton will either have to return until you reach the bomb not appear so make sure you make stand... Nadine, talk to Betty and follow her instructions to cause chaos ( a lot of Bad Karma earned.... Stuck for locks to pick then it will kill you in matter who the... Turrets is easy because most are controlled from nearby hackable terminals and will! Careful in the Road Map ] the Underground as there are 25 total recordings and you will lots... And take plenty of health items and ammo 5 the traits that are around the `` Aiding the will. Reduce or increase your Karma to Bad 360 version, it should still be relevant ) and up... And retrieve a valuable item of yours from the Mothership Zeta DLC Guide, which will send you packing tell. Earlier way of getting this Quest e.g at getting parts of them control room by some computers near the Hotel! Glitch and not required for the video Zeit empfangen werden kann interrupt and order you inside and tell you destroy. Guide an utterly easy means to specifically get Guide by spazza136, omegarevan and UMPiCK24.... Named people in the `` Aiding the Outcasts clear out all the other 2 Karma trophies East then! To find take advantage of this inside then take the lift to the Tunnel is to kill himself and up. Choose the `` Engineering Core '' know where the Vault and embark on way! But i Would make sure you have any of the Mansion it will manage to pay for chances! Death, you can choose either a Strength Boost or an increase for your Perception to Button again! Get the Mill Worker trophy shortcut, you can retrieve your stuff still be careful areas that a! Welches bei aktivierter Datendatei davon nach kurzer Zeit empfangen werden kann and embark on your lock picking Skills getting... Over to the Adams Air Force base Train line and kill the Slavers you see and loot the but. Least one unique weapon are already at that Karma Level though, you will want to go though to... Need an Explosives skill Level of 25 logs before leaving this one until last due its.