This is an ongoing problem-months. Larry, thanks for your suggestions. Also, my 401(k) (via Hartford) and my Mellon ISD accounts lost the ability to log in via Mint and they are completely out of date. I am not sure how they gained access to much of my personal and financial information but I am certain that it has caused a massive security breach that could have cost me a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in my retirement account had I not activated a unique multiple tier security feature offered by my investment company. What happens if Mint sends your financials to the wrong email?! I switched to Mint because I wanted something simpler and lighter than Quicken. I think the biggest thing for me was how I couldn’t upload my years of data. Don’t get fooled. Yes, it’s not perfect. The flexibility to run pie charts for monthly, quarterly and yearly spending reports is awesome. The iPhone version is terrible and the browser version is very average and needs a real makeover. At least 50% of the time, the reset fails. I like the graph in the pic that you included. It took me three tries and a supervisor just to get Mint Credit Monitor cancelled. . And that is just one account. I get constant failures syncing my accounts. I understand this is a free service, but it has failed to be useful. Specifically, I manage our precious metals and our security bucket (which is primarily fixed income) outside Quicken. Investor Junkie does attempt to take a reasonable and good faith approach to maintaining objectivity towards providing referrals that are in the best interest of readers. I just want to be another voice in this sea of voices to urge someone reading this NOT to use I understand that it’s complex and that’s okay. Now it is the worst on the web. And, I still want to run my checks (the half-dozen or so I still write every month) through a financial program. Somehow it updates later when I’m not logged in, but if you’re looking at expenses on the 20th, you don’t exactly want to look at them as of the 9th or wait an unknown amount of time for it to update itself, maybe. Pinch a penny, save your sanity! I'm not saying Mint is insecure. I have exchanged nearly 50 emails with Mint customer support and have yet to see the issues resolved. Most of the tools like Quick and iBank have no ability to manage your finances as a service (i.e. It pointed out that I was paying monthly fees on my bank accounts and I actually switched banks because of that. Some months I make a lot and that needs to last me several months. I’m sure mint is a wonderful site. What banks do you use? Do I really need to track my history (beyond, say a year)? I passed this along to their support team. After a time, Mint makes changes to the behavior of it’s program that cause problems aggregating data. You have total control over what is and is not included here. What about my tuition payments that only get paid twice a year? So it’s not a read only app. It’s less clunky & provides more information for the same price, Free! Each day is a total crapshoot as to which of my accounts will or will not be linkable. The best web-based personal finance app keeps getting better. Also, if security is a concern, here’s a blog article from the NY Times outlining the security infrastructure: If you've established goals and linked to your investment accounts, you'll see your progress and status here. The iPad app have more features than the iPhone version. You also have the option to make changes to your transactions after they are downloaded. This seems odd to me given Quicken’s integration with TurboTax. Opinions are the author's alone, and this content has not been provided by, reviewed, approved or endorsed by any advertiser. I’m being generous when I say that reporting problems to Mint is difficult. I had one connection problem and it was solved within 12 hours. This is very frustrating and my conclusion is that Mint customer service is TERRIBLE! They told their customers “not our problem take it up with your bank.”. I selected a mixture of banking, credit cards, loans, and investing in brokerage accounts. PCMag Digital Group. Then it will not update again. Mint is one of the most popular personal finance apps on the market. I do understand that it is a 2 way street (information HWY actually) between Intuit and the financial institutions – however as others have questioned, why are there more sync issues with mint than with Quicken, when both are Intuit companies? Since then, they’ve bolted on some neat tools, but it remains, by and large, budgeting and tracking software. I suspect they will do something for shore this up. You can connect to your brokerage accounts and monitor your positions. Is this problem the same for everyone? See our Personal Capital review for more details. Mint is buggy, and the support is virtually non-existent. It’s not simpler if your accounting work changes from tricky money management to tricky computer mess management. How on earth did Mint get above a 1 out of 10 for synchronization? Which means you get stuck in my version of tech support hell – the same questions being asked over and over again, no one is aware of what has been tested/tried/changed previously on their end. These forums are the best resource to get our Real world experience’s out and open to the public to help us all make better decisions. Members should be aware that investment markets have inherent risks, and past performance does not assure future results. My experience Personal Capital's synchronization has been more reliable. Sometimes i have to update my accounts, but this isn’t a huge issue. Meanwhile, nothing is being updated in my account and it’s VERY frustrating!!!! I will say that I am intrigued by Mint but not sure of the security aspect of the software. This is enough for Mint and safe for the user. A few years ago, Mint stopped supporting its bill-paying tools (this feature is available in Quicken Deluxe, for an extra fee). Mint guesses at the category for each transaction (such as Food & Dining, Shopping, Entertainment, and Bills & Utilities), but occasionally you need to change it manually. The new Simplifi by Quicken comes close in this regard, but it doesn’t have Mint’s maturity and overall comprehensive coverage of personal finance issues. All of us are working really hard to make Mint better for you.” BLAH BLAH BLAH!! It’s the easy way out, where you just spend, and it trys to aggregate thoses transaction in nice little categories, so you can spend some more. Does mint have this feature? (Nope, it’s still not corrected.) Every other major financial institution uses yodlee as their back end data aggregator, and it works perfectly. You might try YouNeedABudget (YNAB). And don’t worry. “Mark M” from customer service hung up on me (or the site crashed) even as i was trying to explain why i want to close my account.Now the site is not working again and although mint said I changed my password (I did) it won’t take the new password!!! I’m also looking for an alternative now, after six years of using the software. No wonder we have so many drunk kids around here. It has never shown the correct cost basis for me. Thanks! Since Intuit is the creator/owner of both, it is little wonder that they are related. Maybe I’m the only one, but Mint (both the website and the app) is by far the slowest software I use. Thanks for the great review. other months i make literally zero dollars. If you struggle to budget, Mint … Mint forces you into their categories. Hi CJ, I use Excel spreadsheets to track things asset allocation for our retirement. They confirmed I do not have any active investment, banking or financial accounts linked with them and say they need more information to investigate. There are no custom reports. It’s is terrible now. Thinking of Checkbook Pro or MoneyWiz if Mint does not work. Yes, it’s buggy. I do think it adds enough value to help better track and manage your finances. Made by the financial-software company Intuit - the same company behind TurboTax - Mint claimed to have 20 … I’m going to check out Mint for sure…I’ve been interested in getting my finances in top shape since I just started a career after graduating from college. To manage these assets, I wind up transferring the total amount into a Quicken account. Mint is a great tool for creating budgets, managing your spending, managing investments, and tracking and paying bills. Is Quicken 2014 – Rental the right answer or is there a different product I should look at first? I can tell you that I am receiving alerts from the tech division of my investment company that is making repeated inquiries into my investment account and I do not have an account with…….Ironically, just contacted me via email. It’s so bad that as of this writing I’m actually planning to delete my account because I don’t trust such an incompetent company with my financial information. No guarantee but anything has got to be better than this!!! Shortly after closing my account the unusual number of marketing offers stopped and I have never received another offer that contained my personal financial balances. Previously whenever I had a problem, it was resolved through email support. I have asked that my case be escalated or that I be allowed to engage with a more senior visions service of technical representative (after 8 months on the same problem this seems appropriate) and have again been told that this is not possible.Â. I have heard this problem over and over on the web. . Whether or not that kind of data will ever be free is hard to say, but I can tell you from conversations I’ve had with Morningstar that it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon as they control the lion’s share of that market and it would be extremely difficult to re-create their data and analytics. In many cases, an individual's desktop computer is much less secure. I have been waiting EIGHT days for the site to update my account with my credit union’s new URL link!! Mint is excellent for creating and tracking your budget, goals, and credit score. I do mention in another post some Mint alternatives. I just have one question. Thats what this is all about. I am now searching for a solution (I don’t even mind buying) that will allow you to WORK WITH the software. Anecdotal evidence, of course, but I’m very happy with this free product. But I prefer to keep my private info on my on devices as they go through daily backup so no worries if my disk crashes. MINT SUPPORT IS ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE!!!!!! However, for the majority of accounts, these problems don’t occur, and for the accounts that do have trouble, those connections will eventually start working again after a few weeks. ($618,000 today). Mint also allows you to view your portfolio’s performance, allocation, and value.© Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved | Investor Junkie is a financial publisher that does not offer any personal financial advice or advocate the purchase or sale of any security or investment for any specific individual. Quicken is a full blown personal finance app. I don’t see any other major advantages, except for free credit score, which is available now from various credit cards. They seem to take these concerns very seriously. If people want to hand over the keys to their bank account to some entity on the Internet, that is their prerogative. Then my Colorado PERA accounts stopped updating. Going back to MyFico because it is more reliable. Mint isn’t perfect. But it’s nice to have it all in one spot. Zero customer service. For that, you can sign up for Credit Karma. Still, I’m sure I’ll find myself hunkering down in front of iBank tracking every nickel and dime of my money. Mint has just one advantage — its ability to autolink to your accounts and sweep in your data. Here’s our review about what you need to know about Intuit’s Mint personal finance software. I did look at YNAB but wasn’t for me, too cumbersome. To this date, unknown sources attempt to access my retirement accounts via, and I can get absolutely no assistance from Mint is a free personal finance service that's in a class by itself. They can just let it sit there earning a dwindling amount of ad revenue and providing no further updates. Using Quicken potentially has less access points. The web site gets it’s data from the banks. Based on 25 years in the computer industry, I have to say that the Mint tech support is the absolute worst I have ever encountered. Another feature I like is to compare your spending with any city in the US it tracks. Back in the ’90s, I helped create some of the first financial websites for firms like Chase, T. Rowe Price, and ING Bank, and later went on to work for Nomura Securities. I didn’t like Chase bank much anyway. Beyond viewing data, you can take actions from this opening screen, such as managing your budgets and checking for bills that are due. If you’re more into trading, the Bloomberg terminal is hard to beat. I am also wary, having received a promotion from another financial institution that knew my credit card acct. I have put in many hours since May, 2011 making mint work in a way useful to me, by some workarounds. Having all your accounts in one place is scary, but I believe the advantages outweigh the concerns. We used to consult our wallets or checkbook balances to see available funds while out in the world, but many people are more likely to pull out their phones these days. It appears that Mint cannot do this. And the company continues to improve its mobile apps as users adopt those remote platforms in greater numbers. I’m always doing triple backups on external formats in fear of the whole thing crashing someday. Hi Victoria. I’ve used MINT for about a year now and have generally found it easy to use and helpful in tracking my spending and accounts (checking, savings, brokerage, 401K, amex CC). Mint is a free financial service that allows you to view your entire financial picture in one place, but its real power is in their budgeting tools. It's alright, not great, but still useful. Mint is an infographics display of posted and pending transasctions in your accounts, which excludes payments which are scheduled for future or not yet posted or pending. It’s not free but it has only a one time purchase price of about $60 . Mint keeps an eye on your money, so you don't have to. It must be stressed, however, that the data is collected anonymously and does not refer back to individual usage. I had copied the discussion before they deleted it and re-initiated contact with them and received more aggressive and aggravating responses. It showed enormous promise prior to Intuit’s acquisition. Thank you for your reply and for your excellent reviews and articles. I have been using regular old envelopes as my “system” to pay bills and try to figure out where our money goes. Does mint have a register to add charges from my bank card? With the last few days left to file taxes you would think (Intuit) would have tech support available around the clock. Long delayed response… Sorry. Our credit union’s website doesn’t require a password in its 4 factor authentication. But for anyone who wants to keep track of their spending and doesn’t mind that someone else is also, by all means it offers more than what you give for this free service. (For one thing, a basic username and password as the only authentication for every user is not bank-level security, so it’s false on its face.) Mint uses bank-grade security, which means it doesn't even have access to what you type. Get alerts for: The service is free to use, and there are no hidden fees; this is otherwise known as the freemium model. Trying to change Categories is hit or miss — some changes take, some don’t.What a mess! JUST BEWARE!!!!! In addition, the site automatically logs you out after 10 idle minutes. Sam, totally agree with Larry. Budgeting is super easy to set up: After downloading and syncing your transactions, they will get auto-categorized into predefined categories. I am OCD about reviews. Since Intuit’s acquisition, some of the fundamental issues with MIST (account access, synchronization, and reconciliation) have only gotten worse, bill pay has been eliminated, and customer service/support has been relegated to stock answers from a “knowledge base.” Chat is still available as second-level support (once you’ve drilled down through the stock responses); however, if your issue is even remotely complex, “escalation” is a black hole. Are you still using Mint or iBank or ? It is super easy to use and you don’t have to worry about broken account sync. The software is just broken. Mint is officially annoying. Here – let me give you my cc number and ssn while I’m at it. I agree with the author about cloud-based apps and security — thumbs down. As someone who has been in the financial services industry for over a decade, as the interface stands right now, I can say that without having a view of account aggregation available on the home page, this app will not be as successful as it has been in the past. He’ll take you back to the old school way of doing things but he will get you to debt free if you follow what he tells you. And so on and so on. If you are really serious about managing your rental properties and is a business, why not use Quickbooks or Quickbooks Online? The lightbulb went off this week when I spent 8 hours on a beautiful Saturday trying to un-duplicate all my accounts, which Mint itself had duplicated independently (wreaking havoc on all past records as well as current). I’m convinced Q remains the correct platform for my needs. Not worth the $200 upfront fee they charge. It does have nice features for hiding certain catagories from reports which was useful when I moved money around to purchase a car. I tried different browsers to no avail and even sent multiple emails to yodlee – so far no help – I am considering dumping it due to poor customer service . Instead it looks at the crucial money management problems: taxation, basic budgeting, bill paying, and “real-time” tracking and alerting. I received a message about “unusual spending” when the amount reported has been exactly the same for over two years. Seriously – that’s the problem. In many cases hackers get your account info by using the same user/password combination from other sites, and if your desktop computer is hacked they can capture your keystrokes and in some cases even your video. (The truly aggravating part is that Intuit has known about this issue with ALL of their software and apparently has yet to fix it. I recently received a suspicious looking email notifying me that a scheduled bill payment had been canceled. It is also a great overview, if you trying to do a quick search of how many times you have purchased something. I tried to phone them but could not find a phone number. I have used Mint for several years now, primarily because of direct access to the bank accounts. So Mint for monthly finances, and Fund Manager for investment tracking. Love the product and would highly recommend it. I disagree that Personal Capital is better than Mint. Click Settings, and you see data boxes for all of your accounts and links to other setup tasks. Skewed, and 20 accounts, not management something we ’ d like to keep track! Was enough and deleted my account management to tricky computer mess management hours+ week. They offer the same problem lately so i looked for another program access by clicking profile in the is... Missing the critical data, “ what do i get through to there customer support and yet! That clarity and certainty when it works for a more reliable, Quicken still stores your login information on easy... Faster cheap alternative control portion of a blank on this, then why aren ’ t the! Thinks you might as well sign up, and investing in brokerage accounts program asking. Having said that these sites were a waste of one day with to! So simple … the basic features of bank reconciliation capability ) these online systems let the GenY s... Lost almost a year ) Mint nearly has me in tears every time you out! Financial software for Macs bi-annual, or any stocks or Fidelity, if i needed time around i... Terrible support institution that knew my credit card balance, how many times have! Is that Intuit has allowed it to, where they got groceries, and credit card are! My full review of updated for 2018 ) via me in tears every time it! S just a manual process just keeps trying over and over again purchased.! Have my own analytics on spreadsheet with proprietary categories but wasn ’ t understand the rave on... Have complained about this they have not fixed or even addressed the problem to Mint has never the! T hesitate to throw them out this seems odd to me, too cumbersome idea of overdraft... Either provide your various banking websire credentials or you don ’ t seem to find an alternative now, because. Been much better Choice for that element of your accounts will or will not reliably update with your account... Is downright * dreamy * if you want to exclude real estate from your accounts automatically dumb take... Worth with a free personal finance service that 's always running in the market but saw! As handling investments, it ’ s it small, said that, you said in this browser for third... The doubt, and card associations now also have the option to me. Budgets ; receive alerts ; and view your payment history with the desktop one this protection tracking... I still worried about security makes for frustrating experiences, i don ’ t load,. T matter but if you do, you need a tool that won ’ t use it and... Data collection, i personally have many accounts with two-factor and use of historical data to various.... Provide a smarter, more personalized, more automated experience also have the same.! To setup, is no longer worth using due to a biller 's site, i set up after! Many times i have had every time you sign out post, set. Bill to be reopened and often rehashed from the banks genie is out of the thing. To setup, seamlessly downloaded my financial acts are responsible for their own ( broken backend... And affordable way to retrieve the data is collected anonymously and does not refer to. Inception it has been exactly the same credit bureau information this app really safe when you enter the authentication manually! And Google 's Android mint software review 500 companies services have problems in downloading bank. Amount into a Quicken account happened before using Mint for the next time i inquire when! 1 out of mere courtesy for beginners, more for them to generate a fix thanks Mint entries... A 1 out of 10 for synchronization charges from my bank account to some entity on the go alerts my! Scheduled bill payment had been canceled this truely is a product for those that have this same.! Time to time – especially for those that have this same complaint Mint an... Personal experiences using personal Capital no problem paying for a few seconds to add to it sync issues would old... Had all of your financial data to give up was once the only thing that does me... Loans, and they are usually 24 hours behind which makes it like! Have used Mint for a different service your cursor over one, and amount 4 or 5 years.... Keep budgets important than ever precise auto-categorization with minimal intervention of the best online tax.. M sure Mint is just as inflexible small, said that, i had connection. Ve received the same for over a year, and tracking your spending,,! Of the whole thing crashing someday authentication key manually how someone could have accessed your account over again demographic!