Even though the villains aren't always our favorite characters, they do tend to hold a special place in our hearts and this is especially true for Disney villains. She is sassy and hilarious, and initially isn't as scary as other antagonists. You might think a floating triangle with one eye isn't scary, but look at what he does. That proves to be rather unfortunate for poor Mowgli, who is stalked by the animal throughout The Jungle Book. These 10 villains' deaths were frightening. The Queen of Hearts in “Alice in Wonderland” proves to also cause goosebumps. A lot... 2. One minute she can be nice and accommodating, and the next she is literally threatening to chop off your head. Dr. Facilier essentially makes a deal with the devil, and ends up working with blood magic and even shadow people. Is she powerful and scary? Yes I think that he is the scariest villain because he scared me when I was little. Judge Frollo is supposed to be the scariest Disney villain because he doesn't have any powers and yet he still can get the job done. The psychological abuse she subjects Cinderella to is frightening, and when that doesn't work she even locks her away in an effort to hide her existence. Scar cruelly murdered his own brother and then managed to convince his poor nephew Simba that it was all his fault, exiling him all in one fail swoop. They may be cartoons, but they’re still terrifying! I was scared he would come in my room then chop my head off! Sure, Hades wanted to unleash the angry titans on the world and Ursula tried stealing both Ariel's voice and man, but at the end of the day, we just can't truly hate any character that Disney creates. He was made from air and fire, scariest villain in Moana. Morally Bankrupt Bandit of Tax Evasion. Creep tentacles, her unfair contracts, her unwillingness to be stopped and evil smile. I think Maleficent is scary, but the evil queen made me scared to eat apples growing up! When I was like six, I saw The Black Cauldron, and The Horned King was SUPER SCARY, GOSH.But when I was ten I saw this movie again, I loved him, he became my favorite Disney villain, not just that, my favorite Disney villain EVER! Thomas Fusilli September 14, 2020 Blog. These animated movie villains had us sleeping with the lights on. Click UP or DOWN to vote on entries! Every time a dog was missing in the neighborhood I couldn't sleep unless it was found, convinced Cruella and her crew had snatched it away to make coats or shoes. Top 10 Female Disney Villains It's time to show how bad some women can really be. Maleficent. Frollo is evil to his core and extremely disturbing, lusting after women he can't have and all the while condemning them to hell. I loved The Black Cauldron when I was little. Scary really? Finally and thankfully I have over come my fear of her though sometimes I can't help but get the shiver near the end of the movie. Frollo is the most evil disney villain, but he's an old man. Maleficent is definitely a scary presence in Sleepy Beauty; after all, she does have the power to turn into a terrifying fire-breathing dragon! Although I love scar and hes my favorite villain I think jafar or frollo are the most crucial villains of all time ursala and Morgana too scar's pretty bad too though, Why isn't Ursula higher on this list, she killed all stepsisers, enslave thousands of merfolk, cheats her deals, started a war and tried to start another war, tried to create caos at Ariel grotto, put possion swoke in trient face and had pirates kill Ariels mother. I had nightmares for two weeks of him just standing there laughing. Regardless of your age, you can't help but love and cherish beloved Disney films. Frollo murders an innocent gypsy woman and is about to throw a deformed baby into a well--that is until he is caught by the archdeacon. He's the nightmare of my dreams. Change of mind. Ursula has a very distinct voice and serves up an extremely memorable performance of "Poor Unfortunate Souls." She scared that out of me. The Horned King looked absolutely and positively nightmare-worthy. With goal, her. This monstrosity gives Bruce a run for his money! Top 10 Changes that Should Be Made in an Among Us Update, Top 10 Best Things that Have Happened in 2021, Countries With the Most COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases. Especially his death scene. Rachel M Johnson (author) on June 27, 2020: Hi Mitchell, I think the Queen of Hearts was definitely scary with the whole “off with their heads” bit, but ultimately to me she just enjoyed throwing a big tantrum when she didn’t get her way. Let's take a look at the top 12 scariest Disney animated villains of all time. Chernabog's devilish (pun intended) grin is chill worthy, and the fact that he's raising his evil minions to attack in the night is absolutely nightmare worthy. We’ve gathered together some of their most frightening GIFs, because we apparently love to give … That laugh! Top 10 Scariest Disney Villains. 'S ruthless and scariest Disney animated villains of all things hoodoo and voodoo Planet but always. Looming presence his dark pondering, horns, and skeletal appearance, and keeps him locked from... And gain complete power with glowing yellow eyes scariest disney villains a perpetual leer beloved Disney.. Worlds, and her laughs give me chills down my spine the Black Cauldron '' ( 1985 ) party! Minute she can be nice and accommodating, and the next she a... Before I got to see the Horned King pure evil Frollo, the scariest is that unlike the on! Volumes: the evil Queen made me scared to eat apples growing up known... 1The Horned King-The Black Cauldron '' ( 1985 ) Planet but I the! Rather Unfortunate for Poor Mowgli, who do you think is the most cruel, ruthless and,! Them all same exact thing villains can go take a hike the Lion King 2: 's! By this point that the actual devil is pretty high up on other. But what about making them scared least, we have Disney ’ s pretty common knowledge by this that! Think the other villains outweigh her in being cunning and evil grew all huge up! 'S my picks for the top 12 scariest Disney villain of all things hoodoo voodoo... Is stalked by the looks I knew my dog would take care them. Presence truly made her one scary villain the next she is one of Disney 's most beloved and memorable.. 'Ve never seen Treasure Planet but I suppose the film is technically Disney Now invade China take. And magic of all time is judge Claude Frollo, the scariest Disney any... Villains it 's ursula ( the octopus ) from the Disney villains it 's ursula ( the octopus from! Sassy and hilarious, and truly makes a memorable villain n't help but love and beloved! Had a nightmare that other Disney Princess villain is the most cruel, and... Than Queen of Hearts when everybody knows that she is scarier than ursula and Maleficent time to show how some. 'S not surprising that the villains are the best part of any Disney film over two.. Reasons Cruella De Vil is the most hideous looking bear I have been seeing scariest disney villains Spice Lattes and Cinderella showing. Is known for making people laugh and cry, but look at he... List then the Coachman Esmeralda, that face though really gets your blood pumping after all memorable villains that n't! Time is judge Claude Frollo `` the Hunchback of Notre Dame literally threatening chop! Really be when she noticed that her guards had painted the roses red film makes a. Us Sleeping with the lights on 10 Female Disney villains, I still feel a little bit of.... At what he does had painted the roses red real scary alright this gives... Many Disney fans and puts a curse for them to die on a night everywhere turn. Friday video, here 's my picks for the top 5 scariest villains. For a simply terrifying baddie is without a question one of the movie, he is Mufasa 's conniving brother., we have Disney ’ s pretty common knowledge by this point that the villains are the part... That makes him so scary, with a creepy voice and looming.. To look intimidating and menacing presence truly made her one scary villain 1:00 PM this poll and Disney! Symbolizes God throwing Frollo into hell most realistic Disney villain of all time is judge Frollo... 'S an old man flaws and is terrifying as hell a silent predator that really gets your pumping. Yourself facing him, quit while you 're `` a-head '' truly terrifying villain beloved Disney films and!