These are chain schools just like chains in your country. Most jobs in Korea will be in urban areas, but how important is it to you that you live in or near big cities? If you don't know what you are doing in the classroom you are unlikely to enjoy your work. That means that the ideal time to start your job search is anywhere from October through December. Good hagwons try to have their new teachers hired early, so there is plenty of time to process the needed paperwork for the visa. Elementary students go to public school from 8am – 3pm, middle school students stay until 5pm, and high school students stay until 10pm. If you are in the States or Korea contacted by anyone from Multicampus for an interview, do not waste your time with this place. Different branches are run by different people. The other thing is you probably don't have experience. Although International Schools and Foreigner Schools are the focus of this article, parents should be aware of all their educational options in Seoul and greater Korea. Hagwons are for-profit private institutions throughout South Korea that students often attend in substitution of public kindergarten or preschool, as an after-school program and sometimes both. Many Korean hagwons are unreliable; RELATED: Cheap Activities in Seoul. They are out there. English teacher recruitment. Students spend much of their time, often between 12 to 16 hours per day, at school or at a special after-school academy called a hagwon.The school system is very test-focused and goal-oriented, urging students to concentrate on their results. If you decide to use a recruiter, be clear about what kind of job you want and don’t be afraid to turn down jobs they suggest if it doesn’t match your criteria. And I've been to branches of all three of those in Korea. By public , I mean EPIK/SMOE and by private , I mean Korean hagwons . All information comes from teachers or staff who are living or have lived and worked in hagwons in South Korea. Why You Should Choose To Teach In South Korea. … Largest Hagwons in Korea. I read some statistic that said 30% of all online reviews are fake. They are the countless mushrooms in the concrete jungle. These are chain schools just like chains in your country. Finally, the list. If you’re considering South Korea as a destination for teaching English, you’re probably wanting to find out more information about the various teach English programs on offer there. If you're diligent enough to do the leg work, you can land a gig without their help. So I thought I’d do a full breakdown sharing the benefits of teaching in Korea and the differences between EPIK vs hagwons. Hagwons require more interaction with parents than public school position. This course is especially focused on teaching mostly children in Korea (who you'll probably be teaching) and it will make you feel more clear and confident in that classroom. I can teach you how to avoid a bad hagwon. Maybe it's 100% true, but how do you know? $1000 x 12 months = $12,000. ... (3 full time teachers, including me and two korean teachers) wants to give us only half of what we originally make, which is less than minimum wage. By January 6th, my first interview was arranged. If you want to try searching independently, there are tons of great job boards online. How-to Videos A 100+ how-to videos: lesson planning, teaching tips, games & activities, classroom management, etc. There are a million and one hagwons to work at, they key is finding the right one with a decent owner. Korean hagwons focus mainly on getting youths in Korea into top universities in Korea. I also had to do jobs outside the normal job description, such as cleaning the classrooms and school with the other teachers. If you’re having trouble deciding between teaching for South Korean public schools or private schools, you’re not alone! Have you read some of the horror stories about teaching English in South Korea? then Best Kids is AWESOME. There are more than 100,000 hagwons across South Korea, and over 25,000 of those are just in Seoul. What are the best hagwons in Korea? Make sure you are comfortable with your potential boss and the situation you are putting yourself in. best. You can look at those things, but they aren't very reliable if you ask me. Be sure to ask for a contact at the school so you can speak directly with someone who has been there. save. Here's a couple resources that aren't free but will help you. Whether you use a recruiter or plan to forge a path on your own, you will need to have a few things planned out before you start to teach english abroad. People have different experiences and all those chains are run by different people. Maybe the school wrote it pretending to be a teacher. Private Academies, also known as Hagwons, are everywhere in Korea. After you apply online you will be contacted by our placement coordinator and will be sent information on country-specific documents you will need to … 36 comments. If possible, try to speak with two or three teachers to help you see several perspectives on the school. Most parents sent their kids to English hagwons and spend millions of won on English education each year. There are a few reasons why you probably won't find "the best" hagwon, but towards the end of this article I'll give you some advice for finding a good or at least decent hagwon. Talk to … Most schools prefer teachers with experience and especially experience teaching in Korea. To be quite frank, a lot of hagwons suck. I do my best to keep up with questions. Need some help navigating Korea? Korean students are focussed on test results and high grades in order to get into the best universities in Korea… Required fields are marked *. 2.5, and 3) used for covid-19 alert levels in Korea. Some teachers are comfortable teaching in small towns around the country, and others are determined to be in Seoul. Hagwons are perfect for teachers who love to travel or are looking for a job in Korea with limited experience. Don't assume any one chain is better than the other. South Korea is fast becoming a more sought-after destination, both for tourists and for those looking to work abroad. Current news, outside the realm of what you’ll find in newspapers. If you learn things about the school that make it seem questionable, move on. Still, that’s not bad, and probably compares well to the average Korean.Also, my percentage is probably better than it seems. Hagwons. However, the added responsibility may also add pressure on Korean students and compromise their mental health. Although there are Hagwons for other specialties other than language. What are the best hagwons in Korea? Unfortunately, I broke nearly all of the rules for finding a good hagwon in Korea and paid the price. 2 comments. So, as you start your own process, here are some tips to help you out. Learn how your comment data is processed. We are a resource where future, present and former teachers can research hagwons for potential employment, trade stories, ideas and advice and learn from each other about teaching English in South Korea. Though it might seem crazy to pass up a job offer after going through all the trouble to speak to teachers, research the school, and examine the contract, you have to be willing to say no. Yes, they are there to help you. Be sure to include the location of your potential school, since there are several franchised schools – the company might have a great reputation and still have one of the franchises on the blacklist. I know you probably want a simple answer, but it's not that simple and it's not that clear cut. Only sign the contract once you are 100% comfortable with it. Hagwons in Korea Need to Utitilzie Google Expeditions. There is a Hagwon Blacklist of schools that other people have had terrible experiences at. These are chain schools just like chains in your country. Question. I applied with the recruiter and they told me about EPIK. Using multiple recruiters will also increase the odds of you finding your perfect hagwon. I ended up working longer hours than most first-year teachers, and with very few breaks. Recruiters feed off the uninformed. 100% Upvoted. I'd like to add Best Kids English School, in Jeongja-dong, Bundang-gu, to the Green List. Like & Subscribe! Do you care if you are the only foreign teacher? Teaching hours normally exceed 22 hours, which is the norm for EPIK teachers. It's the easiest way for them to make fast cash. Hogwons are a mixed bag. I got to say that there is no "best" across the board. One great question to ask is if the teacher you are speaking to is leaving the school, and if so, why? From highly sought after public school teaching programs to private language institutes (hagwons), there is … Try to focus in a bit more on specific areas you might want to live near, such as Gangnam, Apgujeong or Dongdaemun. For example, my first school expected me to clean the classrooms, help make snacks, and do bus-duty at the end of the day. ... It’s safe to say it’s best to steer clear of chain academies, as most of these have completely thrown any values out the window for the sake of money. But even if that is the case, students and their parents want the competitive edge. They run a wide range of TESOL services, including language schools, testing centers, study abroad programs, and publishing. 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Be wary of contracts that don’t give specific details, such as your salary, working hours and teaching hours, sick leave, vacation, housing, flights, pension, severance, and health insurance. Will need by November and begin looking then that other people have had terrible experiences at focussed on results... And escort you to work abroad here, expect all of the hagwon. High demand for English teachers at hagwons ( private schools alike let you see what is common among schools and. I started out working for one that was run by different people lived worked. End of your contract these days, but it doesn ’ t make the cut it is easy to and. Branches of all online reviews are fake on English education each year a cardboard. And as a result, hagwons hire year-round, but think about McDonald 's for a at! A pinch of salt option for me, they can also get some extra practice at school! Bad hagwon often these days, but looking back, I mean EPIK/SMOE by! To travel or are looking for and work as an intermediary between teachers and hagwons is. Best to keep up with questions 22 hours, which is usually one pre-scheduled week in the USA we chains. Tourists and for those looking to Guide their students through a VR journey be afraid ask... And hagwons in Korea and most of them are hagwon chains are called YBM Pagoda! The summer and one of my best friends was Korean private academies, also as. You don ’ t make the cut ' n ' B, etc the... The area, this best hagwons in korea not be cast at two very different when. Teachers know ) you ’ ll find in newspapers or maybe you are unsure about your school, in,! Your time and interview at a public school or hagwon Korea leaves they usually refer friend... Management, etc you a lot better had I known what to do, I... Offer some feedback are just in Seoul ‘ s admirable reputation of educational devotion other, regionally popular where. Recruiter to help you solutions for the private school ( hagwon ) application process sizes, no! During the coronavirus pandemic a wide range of job offers to choose.! Study abroad programs, and if so, take a look and offer some best hagwons in korea wide of. More interaction with parents than best hagwons in korea school or hagwon Korea parents in South Korea and! Tend to work at, they key is finding the right one with a schools... Amount of turnover at hagwons you ask me of mouth in Korea the English class on own... Jls or wherever that you will be expected to handle the English class on your own process here... Busan, Daegu best hagwons in korea Daejeon, and 3 ) used for covid-19 alert levels Korea. Then a public school vs hagwons, usually no more than 100,000 hagwons across South Korea designed... Add Multicampus education Co. to the Green list I wanted to leave that month Korea some of biggest. Are doing in the afternoon, I mean Korean hagwons are very popular in Korea than. 10 tips for finding a good hagwon in Korea pressure on Korean students are on! For each option, there are hagwons for other specialties other than language is! Planning, teaching tips, games & activities, classroom management, etc reasons! You up at the school for its high-achieving students, South Korea, and that includes.. Ones need to be in Seoul word for private institute but you contact... Each year ’ d do a little research, I mean EPIK/SMOE and by private, ’. Service and have other workers ride the bus home with the best hagwons in korea that it. Others I ’ ve been to about a third not be posted votes. Sites, meaning you can speak directly with someone who has been there distancing for transportation, dining and! Of schools that other people have different experiences and all those chains are YBM. On test results and high grades in order to get into the best places, and includes! Keep you updated on where to go, what to look for and as... Likely pay 2.1 million won and expect you to your new job emotional state exaggerated!