Of course, we’re not suggesting that all youngsters behave this way: we’re just referring to the group that, well, you know, is a pain in the ass. These reasons Focus, Exercise, and Student Interaction demonstrate why recess absolutely has to be longer. If students have friends in school and in class they won’t get bored in school. ), I personally prefer to look forward without counting down. By shortening the school days, students wouldn’t be as distressed about going to school and their grades would be higher. Why School Should Only Be 4 Days A Week Being at school five days a week can be very draining for students of all ages. My school did classes from 8:40 am til 9:00pm, so in theory, I could have organised my timetable to have classes from 8:40 til 9:00 2 days a week, and had 5 days off. Though I don’t have a problem with other people counting down (hey, whatever brings you happiness and keeps you motivated! If they have even longer recess they will make even more friends. The roots to education are bitter, but the fruit Is sweet. We do not have the funding nor recourses everywhere to make this a common thing. A longer school day can help improve student test scores, closing the achievement gap. Yes school days should be longer, just not nation wide. We need longer school days for this nation to help advise students to do better in their school work. ” unfortunately, our fruit hasn’t become the sweetest. Counting days turned the end of the school year into … Some of us have sports after school. In order to make up for that schools are cramming as much in a possible in a short man of time. After 10 snow days, students in Logan County, West Virginia, will attend full days of school on some planned early release days, and will attend extra days of school at the end of the year. His day starts at 5:30 am with a shower, getting dressed, groomed, breakfast, getting his things together, and getting to school at 7:00 am, he gets out of school at 2:30 pm. Challenging times are much easier to handle when you are able to have a little fun, as well. Notice how lunch and recess are *not* included in the required hours? Efficiency would state that a longer school day with fewer days in the school year are better. “We thought that especially for the younger, elementary school kids, longer days on a shorter school week would hurt their academic performance because their … "The longer school day is an innovation whose time has come for greater use." In the US, here are the 2018 requirements by state. The government regulates the school day. As well-intentioned as replacing snow days with “eLearning days” is, this school district might be underestimating the value of this day off from school. Summary of task. I am so with you on that!! In this excerpt from the book Time to Learn: How a New School Schedule Is Making Smarter Kids, Happier Parents & Safer Neighborhoods, the authors discuss how a longer school day can support achievement in reading and math while providing a richer, broader curriculum.The book discusses extended day success stories in public schools throughout the country, the impact on teachers and … But critics question the cost of those additional hours. Conclusion . The time to act is now, because if we don’t act now, when? According to a 2003 report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the U.S. ranked 15th in reading literacy, 25th in mathematics and 21st in sciences globally. Extended school days means that teachers will be required to work longer hours or additional teachers must be hired to work the extra time. Why we need longer summer holidays not shorter ones. For those that have a hard time academically, this break can bring some much needed fun. i agree that we shouldn’t have to take exams on our last days of school because we have done exams all year and it’s hard enough leaving knowing that you left doing exams. Well, here’re eight reasons why young Singaporeans are no longer respecting the elderly. Tuesday, January 22, 2019. “We’ve unfortunately bought into the idea that more is better, and that isn’t always going to be the case, particularly when you’re talking about elementary school students. The U.S. has the best universities in the world and students only have 15-20 fifty-minute class periods per week. Research on longer school days or years also shows mixed results. Longer School Day Debates. Have you ever wondered why society has become so ruthless? When pressed, parents prefer longer days to more days. Why we shouldn’t go to school 6 days a week. We would not have the chance to kindle with old friends at the mall or movies longer either. My son is a junior in high school. *homework sucks teachers don't understand how much stuff we have to do outside of school like chores and maybe 4 some people sports or dance. I think we shouldn't have longer school hours because that is our free time after school. Students learnt persuasive writing techniques and how to present opinions, thoughts and argue a case in a short text. First of all, kids will lose their concentration in class, get restless, and probably fall asleep (more than they usually do anyways). Stepan on January 9th, 2021 5:30 am Absolutely agree. But now, thanks to technology, kids no longer have to waste a day because of inclement weather. But it would benefit students largely. U. let me stop you there, why would you put “tons” of money into online schooling when the majority of students go to public school when we are not in the middle of a pandemic. The U.S. has fallen behind academically compared to other countries. Therefore, we need a longer summer vacation from school because without it, we would not have the time to rest l and vitalize longer.We would not have the opportunities to travel abroad, or work at summer job more often. Why we shouldn’t have more school days That means we will have to stay up later so we can eat, do our homework, and shower. Teachers unions have expressed that they don't want to work longer hours, and trying to persuade them otherwise could be a challenge, says award-winning teacher Melissa Taylor in "Parenting" magazine. We often associate school with no fun when we are talking to kids. If we make the hours longer, then the practices will get out to late and we might not have enough time to do our homework. Fewer school hours per day would permit students to have enough time to study, complete school assignments, participate in after-school activities and be able to get to bed by a decent hour. Many education reform advocates are pushing to lengthen the school day, not only as a way to increase teaching time and offer extra instruction and enrichment, but also to … Their progress will go up and they would have better test scores on their big states test . Balsz Elementary School District in Phoenix, for example, has extended its school year to 200 days, paying teachers 9% more to work the additional days. Find out how some school districts are changing this norm. Most students in grades K-12 attend school for 6 to 7 hours a day, 180 days per year. Contrasting both long and short school days has helped to figure out the answer to the question, “Should the school years be longer but the days shorter?” The school day timetable should stay the same except that the day should be longer. The recent Programmer for International Student Assessment (PISA) has shown that although the US may spend the most on Its students, we aren’t all high and mighty. Fun is a healthy part of life. Wales and the UK have some of the shortest school summer holidays in the world. Since the longer … In some cases you can have a 12-hour school day and not make any more progress than you would in six hours.” About 24 Boston-area charter schools now have longer school days of up to 9 hours, as well as years with up to 200 days, while another two dozen Boston public schools campuses have … School. There’s rarely such a thing as a free lunch. ... Shhh, don’t tell the kids. Some schools, though, offer extended learning by adding extra time to the school day or increasing the length of the school year. Time spent at school does not have to be serious at all times. However, the question is: What if snow days aren’t a waste? you probably don’t know what it feels like for students right now, and as a student, I will say that it is very stressful and hard on my mental health. School hours should not be longer for many reasons. Change 2 A year-round school calendar of four twelve-week terms with 4 plus 2 hour days for Secondary Education will improve learning and decrease cost. Why we shouldn’t have more school days. Stephen J. Carrera/Special to … Here’s why: 1.